Surveillant assists brand owners and other organizations with identifying non-authentic products and materials.

Maintaining the authenticity, reputation and safety of products is a constant challenge. Surveillant provides rapid and economical testing to detect and respond to authenticity problems.


Surveillant can help:

  • Screen large sample numbers
  • Detect non-authentic samples without the use of added markers
  • Monitor market areas over time
  • Provide results with a short turn-around time
  • Identify unusual samples that are related
  • Work with your organization’s brand protection group
  • Customize testing for laboratory or field testing

A wide range of products/materials can be tested. Examples include:

  • Beverages and spirits
  • Foods (e.g., olive oil, honey)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer health care products

Contact Surveillant for a candid evaluation of how Surveillant may be able to help your organization.

Example of Results: A brand name product compared to genericsCounterfeit Example for websiteSpectral data combined with multivariate data analysis are used to build models that:

  • Classify samples as authentic or not
  • Show if unusual samples are related