About Surveillant LLC

– The primary goal of Surveillant is to provide rapid and reliable screening methods to help organizations monitor products and materials over time.

– Key features of methods employed are their speed, simplicity and low cost relative to other approaches.  This facilitates higher testing rates which improves the likelihood of detecting problems.

–  Methods used by Surveillant have been used successfully for foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals and spirits and are amenable to other types of products and materials.

– Surveillant specializes in using molecular spectroscopy and chemometric methods to develop models that are capable of authenticating a product/material over time.

– Surveillant works with brand protection groups within organizations and customizes methods in a way that best suits clients.

– Experience in brand protection dating to 1999.

Surveillant Publications

Application Note in Spectroscopy (September 2015):  “Rapid Evaluation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Using Fluorescence Spectra”

Tecan Journal (Fall 2015): “Fingerprinting Food”