Overview of Methods

– Molecular spectroscopy and chemometrics are used to generate information rich models that are effective in monitoring products/materials over time and detecting unusual samples

– Spectral information provides a fingerprint for a product or material: non-authentic samples are detected when measurements fall outside expected ranges

– Extensive spectral measurements provide a database specific to the product/material being tested, improving the ability to detect unusual samples

– Novel forms of counterfeiting and adulteration can be detected because spectral measurements provide a global assessment of a sample (non-targeted measurements)

– Depending on the product/material being tested, quantitative models can be used to track the levels of key ingredients (targeted screening)

– Methods are developed with little to no sample prep, resulting in simpler, less costly and more robust testing procedures

– Testing can be done at Surveillant or at a site of a clients choosing (laboratory or in field)

– Analytical capabilities also include UPLC with a photodiode array detection

Every technology has its pros and cons.  A goal of Surveillant is to make sure its methods will be effective for clients. Contact Surveillant for a thorough  explanation of methods and to discuss whether or not Surveillant would be helpful to your organization.